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Thank you so very much for stopping by. We hope you’ve enjoyed the Short Film Reviews By The Film Festival Network. Our reviews are to shed light and help grow compelling films! Our whole goal with this network is to bring value to filmmakers!

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In short, through our network, we want to do a part to help the filmmaking community. Independent film is bigger than it’s ever been! With the power of the internet, film festivals, and beyond: filmmakers can create amazing film careers for themselves. And if they play their cards right. It’s crucial that films get seen, if you expect to do big things in the film industry!

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The Film Festival Network is here as a resource to help filmmakers take their work to the next level. Through film festivals, networking, interviews, reviews, package resources, online connections, assets, etc, our network is bringing more and more value to filmmakers every day. Filmmaking is an amazing thing. And it’s more important now than ever. Don’t miss out on the most important stage of the filmmaking process: GETTING YOUR FILM OUT INTO THE WORLD!

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This is one of our many resources designed to help filmmakers. Our team, and our network is made up of industry professionals, offering knowledge, experience, and resource. Our reviews are designed to be a professional asset to include in your festival submissions. And of course, your film distribution. So start exponentially growing and declare your legitimacy!

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Our site ranks on Google for a reason. Also,  we’re IMDB-certified. In short, when you get reviewed on The Film Festival Network, the professional publication aspect is a huge move professionally. It increased your online presence, Google Searchability, IMDB presence and more. There’s a reason that this is what the pros do!

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