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In Short, Here's Our Animation Festival Overview

Showcase your animated work at the International Animation Festival! Learn from our online, private resources and masterclasses! Mix & mingle with animation lovers as you network. With animators, filmmakers and industry members from across the globe! Also, your chance to win awards! And potentially lock down a distribution deal with our partnered film distributors!

So what better place to screen your work than in the heart of the film industry? Submit now to be featured as part of the 2021 International Animation Festival in Los Angeles!

Most Importantly, The Process is Simple


Submit your work to our panel of film makers, writers, and producers.


Our panel makes their official selections for the semi finalists.


We share our semi finalists online, enter them into the official catalog and promote it all across social media.


From there, the jury votes on the semi-finalists, to determine who will make it through to the finalist category.

The Festival

The finalists are all invited out to attend the festival, network, grow and screen their work


At the end of the festival, our awards ceremony presents the winners in each respective category 


At the festival, you'll get the chance to network with animators and filmmakers from all sides of the industry. Like-minded folks and completely contrasting folks. Make connections, collaborate, and grow!

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Local Love

What’s the other best thing about bringing together a group of like-minded individuals? Bringing them together in the most exciting, industry-centric city in the world! Los Angeles is filled with fun and lucrative activities to take part in beyond the festival.

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Lastly, our grand finale is the other most exciting part of our events. Who doesn't love the chance to win big for their incredible work? Well, it's time you got a token of appreciation for the outstanding work you do. With that, the audience has a chance to win plenty too!

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In Conclusion, The Opportunity:

In short, the International Animation Film Festival is a chance to get your animation work in front of more eyes! That is to say, we're here to help grow and develop the careers of talented filmmakers. Through industry networking, awards, project growth and information.



In short, the time has come! So what are you waiting for? Click the link below. Submit your work to LA's International Animation Film Festival.

Or Submit Right Here

The Benefits of Submitting to Animation Film Festivals

Animation film festivals are a great way to get exposure for your work in the animation industry. By submitting to an animation festival, you open up a whole new world of potential opportunities. Participating in animation film festivals has numerous perks that can help take your career and your projects to the next level.

The Appeal of Winning

For one, winning or being part of an animation festival can result in more recognition for your work. It’s a great way to get your name out there and gain attention from industry professionals. Animation film festivals are also a great opportunity to network and meet like-minded people that share the same passion for animation as you do.

Screening Your Animation Work

Also, having your work screened at an animation festival can increase your chances of getting funding and support for future projects. Animation festivals are often sponsored by companies that may be willing to invest in talented animators who have shown their work at a festival.

Finally, you gain valuable experience by submitting to film festivals. Even if your entry doesn’t win, it still provides you with an opportunity to get feedback from professionals and other animators. You can use this feedback to make improvements and hone your craft.

In Conclusion: The Benefits of Submitting to Animation Film Festivals

Overall, participating in animation film festivals has many benefits for animators who are looking to take their projects and careers further. So if you’ve been thinking about submitting to one, it’s definitely worth considering. Good luck!

The Benefits of Attending Animation Film Festivals

As an animator, attending animation film festivals can be one of the most rewarding experiences. Not only do you get to watch amazing films and meet other passionate people in the industry, but you can also learn about the latest developments in animation.

Animation film festivals are an invaluable opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and be exposed to new trends in the industry. You get to see what works and what doesn’t, which is critical knowledge when creating your own projects. Plus, it’s a great way to get inspired, as you’re surrounded by the best animators and their inspiring work.

While Attending Animation Film Festivals

At an animation film festival, you can also interact with industry professionals and tap into valuable resources. You can network with potential employers or collaborators, and even find out about upcoming projects that may be a good fit for your skillset. It’s also a great place to make new friends and build relationships in the animation community.

Overall, attending an animation film festival is a great way to stay connected with the industry, bolster your knowledge, and get inspired. If you’re looking for ways to develop your skills and foster connections within the animation world, attending an animation film festival is a great place to start. Check out some local or international animation festivals and get ready for an amazing experience!

The Value of Animation Film Festivals

Animation film festivals are an invaluable resource in the industry, providing a platform for animators from all over the world to showcase their work and connect with one another. Not only do animation festivals provide exposure for up-and-coming animators, but they are also a great place to learn about the latest trends in the industry and network with fellow animators.

The Helpfulness of Animation Festivals

Animation festivals can be especially helpful for those who want to make a career out of their passion. By attending or submitting to an animation film festival, you could potentially find mentors and get your name out there in front of industry professionals. It can also open the door to potential funding opportunities or collaborations with other animators who share a similar passion.

The Invaluable Opportunity Among The Benefits of Submitting to Animation Film Festivals

Additionally, animation film festivals provide an invaluable opportunity for animators to hone their craft and receive feedback from professionals and like-minded peers. You can learn from the critique you receive, as well as gain a sense of inspiration and motivation to continue developing your craft.

In short, attending or submitting to an animation film festival is an invaluable opportunity that can help animators take their projects and careers further. So if you’re looking for ways to improve your skillset and foster relationships in the industry, participating in animation film festivals is highly recommended. Good luck!