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The World of Sci-Fi Filmmaking

Genre makes the world go 'round. The art of sci-fi filmmaking goes under-appreciated. But the Los Angeles International Sci-Fi Film Festival is here to change that!

To Clarify, the Process is Simple


Submit your work to our panel of filmmakers, writers, and producers


Our panel makes their official selections for the semi finalists


The semi finalists are shared online! Then, entered into the official catalog & promoted on social media


From there, the jury votes on the semi-finalists, to determine who will make it through to the finalist category.

The Festival

The finalists are all invited out to attend the festival, network, grow and screen their work


At the end of the festival, our awards ceremony presents the winners in each respective category 

In Addition, The Opportunity

In conclusion, our festival will be a chance to get your amazing work in front of more eyes! We're here to help grow and develop the careers of talented sci-fi and other genre filmmakers. Through networking, awards, project growth and information.


So what are you waiting for? Submit your work to the Los Angeles International Sci-Fi Film Festival today! And bring your genre work the love it deserves!

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The Los Angeles International Sci-Fi Film Festival Is Going Into It's 2nd Year

We love Sci-Fi. Let us be real for a second. We want to help grow sci-fi short films. sci-fi feature films, sci-fi miniatures, sci-fi anything! We’ve partnered with some great companies, in attempt to help further. We’re working to make this festival the greatest sci-fi film event around. To note, we were one of 2021 Film Festivals Worth The Submission Price! But let me say, we just want to bring you value. In short, we love our sci-fi filmmaking. Submit now to become a part of our sci-fi filmmaker nation.