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In the least drawn-out way of saying it: The point of getting a published interview s to develop your brand as a filmmaker! This interview is a piece of press coverage that gets distributed across the internet and connected through to IMDB. When film festivals, clients, partners, actors, competitors, etc. look you up online, having press coverage like this establishes your professional presence across the web. And with our Google SEO specialization, we get your name up to the front page of Google when people Google your name and/or your work. Name recognition and credibility is a massive component to the entertainment industry, and this is an incredibly valuable resource to improve both. 

Yes, big time. Beyond the recognition and credibility in ranking across the internet, attaching a Filmmaker’s Published Interview to Film Festival submissions is super valuable. It improves acceptance rates, increases filmmaker’s professional appearance and brings excitement to Festival Curators because Press Coverage generally results in more relevancy and a better turnout.

Yes! We optimize for Google. But our SEO service is designed to rank across all the major search engines and indexes online.

This is a service that is absolutely worth it if you are trying to develop and grow yourself as a professional creator and/or brand online, in the entertainment industry and beyond. If that is of no interest or use to you, then it most certainly is not worth it. 

Yes! We connect the published interviews directly through to IMDB.

Yes, that is one of the main purposes of the filmmaker interviews! We optimize them to rank online, resulting in organic search traffic, short film catalogues, backlinks and general unique viewership. Beyond the credibility development, the interviews are a great way for reaching a new audience with your creative experience, perspective and beyond.

These Interviews Get Results

Our Filmmaker Interviews are exploding in popularity because of the success they're bringing directors, writers, producers, actors and so-many more!

TheseInterviewsGet Results

Our Filmmaker Interviews are exploding in popularity because of the success they're bringing directors, writers, producers, actors and so-many more!

The Best Filmmaker Interviews Online.Hosted By The Film Festival Network.

In conclusion, we set our filmmaker interviews on providing value to filmmakers. We want to help talented creators grow professionally. For career-sake, film festivals, online presence, distribution, pitches, job opportunities, etc. In short, filmmaking is a creative world but also a highly competitive, professional world. And those that do it should get the appreciation they deserve!

Our filmmaking interviews involve a detailed, professional and creatively-motivated set of questions. We focus our questions on expressing the visionary ideas of our filmmakers, directors, writers, producers, actors, etc. We love to hear origin stories, creative motivations, influences, goals, set journeys, and more. And of course, we like to give our filmmakers a chance to promote their work too! The goal here is to help develop the professional presence of filmmakers online and beyond, after all.Right now our demand is high. So our interview publishing turnaround time is between 5-8 weeks. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!