Orion 1925 – By Eva IngolfShort Film Review

Orion 1925 is an experimental animation short film exploring an alien encounter in 1925 between a fisherman and an alien both caught at sea. Told through animations and stills, the encounter of alien EP613 and the trawler takes place during a storm off Halamid in western Iceland.

Eva Ingolf (director/composer) takes us through an alien encounter with heart, humour and slight unease as the extra-terrestrial encounters a sailor, both stranded at sea due to different accidents. The bond, although brief, is the defining moment of the film and explores the ideas of influence and ideas and encounters that shape us within our own lives.

It’s the slightly eerie animation along with the score composed by Eva Ingolf that really lends itself wonderfully to the ideals of isolation throughout life. Eva herself states that “creating is an exquisite and lonely existence” and that can really be felt throughout the short. The film manages to grow our sympathy for EP613 who is stranded without much hope of rescue.

Without giving away the ending too much, it does a beautiful job of wrapping up the narrative in a humorous but heartfelt way. The story is unique and oddly human whilst still telling a tale of an alien adventure, showing that all living organisms need connection.

All-in-all, Orion 1925 was a moving short film with a variety of human themes and told in a unique and engaging way.

We very much look forward to seeing where Eva Ingolf goes next!



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