An International Diversity Film Festival Exclusive Interview with Marcellus Cox:The Awe-Inspiring Storyteller and Film Director

Hey Marcellus! Congratulations on your achievements at this year’s IDFF! Could you tell us a bit about yourself? Who are you, personally and as a filmmaker?

Man!!!!!!!!!! I’m not great at all at this kinda thing I swear lol. I’m gonna give it a shot. My name is Marcellus Ja’vonnie Cox II. I’m a Award Winning Writer/Director hailing born n bread in Los Angeles, California. Since the age of 9 I’ve has always had a passion for movies and filmmaking. As a True Auteur my style of cinematic storytelling embossed with dark and edgy themes that is engaging and enlightening, delivering his audience to a place of understanding and compassion for social issues and objectivity, as I Push the boundaries of controversial storytelling, touching on subjects such as Race, Religion, Social & Political issues. My Films have screened in over 200 International Film Festivals, Won over 150 International Film Awards and have screened Nationwide on CBS, FOX, ABC, SHORTS TV, Revolt TV, Crime & Investigation, Link TV & PBS.

Where are you located currently?

Currently in Bellflower, California but I’m From South Central LA

What aspect does diversity and representation play in your craft?

It plays a massive part in my craft and storytelling in general. Showcasing and revealing stories that have been overlooked for far too long so the fact that I have the art form and platform to present messages of that speaks to everyone but in particular people who look a lot like myself is a huge blessing and privilege.

Congratulations on your work making it into this year’s IDFF! Could you tell us about your film?

Most Definitely. And Thank You for the congratulations lol. My film is Mickey Hardaway: It’s a Psychological Thriller about A Young Sketch Artist who visits a well renowned psychiatrist as his life begins sprawling out of control after years of Physical and Verbal Abuse has taken a toll on him.

When did you make your first film?

There’s levels to that question lmfao. I’m sorry there is. My very very first one was 2006 I made a comedy sketch for Film School my freshman year at El Camino College called KKK Rises. It’s a dark comedy about a Ku Klux Klansman who Throws a rally at his apartment on the same day that his Black Landlord comes to collect the rent money that he’s already late on paying. I was 18 when I made that. And it will remain hidden lol.

What do you hope to be doing five years from now?

Creating Feature Films that mean something. Work that deals with important messages and use as a teaching tool as well as entertain but mostly start conversations amongst society in the hopes of a better union for us all.

man holding camera while filming

What does diversity mean to you on a more personal level?

I can’t give you a honest answer at this point in my life because come ask me that same question if I’m alive God-Willing 30,40 years from now and I’ll hope to have years of wisdom to bless upon you that I just simply can’t deliver to you at the moment.

What were your roles in this film?


What is the film’s genre?


Are there any particular artists, events or other things that inspired you to tell this story?

The thing that inspired me to tell this story was I wanted to tell a truthful and heartfelt story about dreamers, artist that have more to offer this world then the usual 9-5 perspective but I also wanted to reveal the truth of those who don’t believe in their visions and there point of views of life and the consequences that occur when you don’t allow someone the proper opportunity to blossom.

What are you most proud of, in terms of this film?

We’ve screened in 100 Festivals, Winning 40 Awards’s with Multiple Television Coverage which is phenomenal but the thing I’m most proud of with this film is that we even got it made lol. Shooting in the heart of COVID-19 in June 2020 and with the Black Lives Matter Protest taking place at the exact same time so that hectic as hell lol. Plus this wasn’t supposed to be a proof of concept anyway because of Covid the production company we we’re working with back out on us. So the fact that this film is even seeing the light of day is amazing to me.

What is the single greatest lesson you learned along the creation of this particular project?

Mental Health and fatigue is real. It is a illness and it needs to be taken seriously no matter who you are. And if you feel like your losing grip of your sanity go seek help. There’s nothing wrong with seeking help.

What’s next for this project specifically?

I’m getting ready to make the feature version of Mickey Hardaway. I’ve raised 50% of my budget and I’ve started an Indiegogo Campaign to raise the rest of the funds.

The goal is to begin shooting in January 2022. So stay tuned.

What’s next for you? (Creatively, professionally, personally, etc.)

After working on Mickey Hardaway I hope to begin work on my Award-Winning Period Piece Crime Thriller Jefferson Street.

Along the way I hope to find a Girlfriend lol that would be great, find the woman of my dreams. That’s also apart of my plans.

Is there anything else you would like us to know? Or any final thoughts / things you’d like to share with our readers?

I would personally like to say Thank You to my cast: Rashad Hunter, Stephen Cofield Jr, David Chattam, Charlz Williams, & Deangelo Davis.

And a huge Thank You To Armando Townsend, Jamil Gooding & Bryant Fisher.

Thank you so much for being a part of The Film Festival Network Community and The International Diversity Film Festival, Marcellus!

We can’t wait to see what you do next!

Keep up with Marcellus and all his incredible work to come!