The Transporter – By Alan Moore:
Short Film Review

What is our destiny? Is it already mapped out when we are born? Or do we decide? In this lifetime, having the human experience is always unique to each specific person. But the true question is what do we believe in terms of what happens in the “afterlife”. Is it connected to religion or common belief. Let’s take a dive into “The Transporter” by Alan Moore.

Of course originally when I heard the title “The Transporter” naturally I thought about Jason Statham talking in a mild tone, waiting to take down the “bad guys. But I was quite surprised when I saw the true contents of this film.

This film opens up with a strong narrative voice explaining how they are kind of a medium between life after death and those headed to death. Something that struck me is the two main characters are two young girls; and one has already passed on and the other is about to make the transition, as a gunman waits outside the door. The older of the two identifies as “ The Transporter”, a.k.a the one that helps you go to the other side safely and ultimately painlessly.

I love the love that is felt between the two young actresses. You can feel that there is a safety net between the two, even though you subconsciously are cringing to see how the story will end for the younger of the two. Cinematography wise, it is simply shot. The true lighting of the room is used, which added to the raw reality of the situation.

In terms of dialogue, it seemed more on the level of stream of consciousness, which added to the dire need for the young girl to escape. It makes me wonder what inspired Alan Moore to tell this story, it is super thought provoking, and it makes you think even further in what the meaning of life truly is.

Spoilers Ahead…. The short ends in tragedy, unfortunately.. but thankfully it ends where we know that the harmed has found refuge with help from the transporter. The world needs change where the young and even the old don’t need to be taken from this world prematurely.

In the future I would love to see this micro short produced on a feature length scale, because this message deserves to be told on even larger platforms.

Thank you team for a transformative experience! 

We very much look forward to seeing where Alan Moore goes next!




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