The Thrill By Jaison Blackwater – Short Film Review

The World is full of gambling, selfishness and of course: betrayal.

The Thrill short film review

Jaison Blackwater’s “The Thrill” is a film that wonderfully showcases the world we live in, through human behavior. It Doesn’t need to reinvent the idea within this film, but instead masterfully focuses on a real-life story with this as our atmosphere. The story develops in a wonderful way, reminiscent of Vertigo, The 39 steps, North by Northwest, The Night of the hunter and Modern thriller. 

This film is a very delightful piece for the passionate thriller fan. It will make you shiver. Though it is indeed a short film, Jaison Blackwater earns every second of that running time, utilizing it well. He delivers a Breathtaking, short-fuse thriller film whose unconventional tone explores tantalization to exhaustion, in all the best ways. 

The film plays against expectations in a constantly-engaging way. It was difficult to pinpoint the actual “villain” in this film. You recognize someone as a one thing, only to find out that they’re in fact something else. When you’re able to make the villain the victim and the victim becomes the villain, you certainly have control of your story! And The Thrill most definitely does. This is great storytelling, but it’s made even greater by the outstanding performances within. Jon Cioffi takes the “Shawnie” character to the next level, and Hailee Lipscomb takes “Lex” to the next level too. That’s what allows this story to work so well. Cioffi and Lipscomb are constantly a thrill to watch, as well as Mariel Suarez, and their engaging performances move this story immensely effectively.

The Thrill short film review

The beautiful use of cinematography, in particular certain cases of rack focus used in this film makes it more attractive to the audience, pulling us in effectively. 

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Jaison Blackwater offers a bracing vision of gambler and accountant, ironically lit utilizing Natural daylight and shadowed black in the horror evening. These are not usually used in the genuine thriller genre, which is another commendable choice.

The Thrill short film review

The film starts out effectively deceiving us as the audience. We don’t immediately suspect the suspense, but in just the first 10 minutes, in Blackwater’s charismatic way, the film gets into immensely effective, awaited-suspense. And it goes on to deliver a full-fledged, thrilling story. Character development, emotional connection, cinematic selfishness: Jaison Blackwater fulfilled every expectation and hope of the audience viewing this film.

The Thrill short film review

The Thrill manages to utilize tight space and more be more tonally-objective in the viewpoints of this film. Directors motivation and the cinematographer’s eye helps the character come to life. That along with the outstanding performance, brings it all in The film leaves you asking compelling questions, while still being completely satisfied in this beautiful thriller story.

We very much look forward to seeing where Jaison Blackwater goes next!




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