10 Photographs By Brandon JordanShort Film Review

10 Photographs is an engaging, immersive, mind-bending story about manipulation, art and the complex nuance between the two.

Life is full of darkness, as well as beauty. Sometimes things involve both! Well, filmmaker Brandon Jordan knows exactly how to combine these ideas into a cinematic, suspenseful masterpiece. This film keeps you on the edge of your seat, and really allows the viewer to think in a compelling way. It is a wonderful thriller story that is filled with glamour, lights and style but with a progression that is far more than meets the eye.

The story follows a young woman, who has come to a photographer for her model portraits. Her “10 photographs.” But as she changes her costumes, and time progresses, the attitude of the photographer becomes manipulative, dark and shifted as he begins to treat her differently. In all this chaos, she’s forced to make a moral decision. But what is the worth of her future dreams?

10 Photographs

The model is played by Margaux Lakdar, and she is truly wonderful on screen. He emotional response is perfect, matching the pacing and allowing us as the audience to feel the growth of discomfort and tension.

Then comes the photographer, whose role is the mirror of hers. He’s the one causing her moral shift, and the story’s darkness. Brandon Jordan, director AND our “photographer” in the film, is outstanding as well, in all the opposite ways as Lakdar. He plays this role artistically, giving this story a completely unique, original and suspenseful feel.

10 Photographs

When it comes to cinematography, this piece utilizes clean, smooth minimalism in all the best ways. It’s contrasty, dark and moody with an emphasis on steady, controlled shots. This style of cinematic execution worked perfectly in establishing and further developing the tone of this film.

This blends immensely well with the brilliant editing in the film. The deliberate use of cuts always feels so… intentional. Brandon Jordan has complete control of the story he’s telling and the way that he’s telling it. This really shows and it leads to beautiful, uncomfortable suspense.

10 Photographs

Another point to appreciate is the film’s use of a small setting.Oftentimes short films try to be too much, and one of the biggest showings of this is in location. Well, 10 Photographs utilizes one main, compact set which allows the film to focus on the two characters within the space, and thus a much more solid overall story and film.

This film really is a must-watch, as the nuance and character execution is so well-done. The story is compelling, the shots are beautiful to look at in both cinematic set-up and coloring. The performances are outstanding and the pacing is brilliant. Brandon Jordan’s 10 Photographs is a wonderful take on manipulation, art and the complexities between the two.

We very much look forward to seeing where Brandon Jordan goes next!




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