An Interview With Chris K. Daniels – The Non-Stop, Visionary Filmmaker

An Interview With Chris K. Daniels

Hi Chris K. Daniels! Tell us about yourself! Give us a brief introduction

Hi! Thanks for having me. A “brief introduction” is tough because I talk too much and am easily distracted. Well, I’m Chris K. Daniels. I’m a filmmaker, director, writer, comedian… entrepreneur? I mean, this all sounds pretentious. I’m an “entertainer.” I think that’s a modern-day way of saying I make content that is sometimes movies and sometimes not.

Where are you located?

Right now, I’m located in Boston, Massachusetts. But within the next few months, I’ll be heading out to Los Angeles, California.

What is a quote that summarizes everything you’re about as a filmmaker?

When you’re asked if you can do a job, tell ’em,’ “Certainly I can!” Then get busy and find out how to do it.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

What inspired you to start creating films?

I like to say “boredom and an itch of emptiness.” Really, I just love entertaining people. First, kids in a classroom, at recess, on the bus. Then eventually, on YouTube. When I discovered the world of online video-potential in seventh grade, everything changed immediately. I made some trash-quality skits and sketches all across middle school and eventually evolved into the more narrative, short film world in high school. It didn’t really matter what the genre, style, or even “medium” of video. The thing that was so fun was trying to come up with ideas, stories, movies, etc. that would have the power to get a stranger to want to watch the whole thing. I mean, it was probably some sort of dark, twisted need for attention. But it released in the form of “filmmaking.”

Who most inspires/influences you currently and why?

I mean, filmmaker influences change for me at least once a week. Every time I see a good movie or show or video or online whatever, I’m immediately inspired and envious of that person’s work. But as far as overall, continuous influences for me: Conan O’Brien and Jordan Peele. Conan’s sense for comedy, creativity, work-ethic and his ability to turn anything into gold is awe-inspiring. And Jordan’s range of work, from comedy to horror, and from performing to directing is constantly inspiring to see.

What is your favorite film of all time?

This question is not easy. Favorite anything is the worst. Your question is the worst. Thanks for asking it though! Right now, my favorite movie is probably The Truman Show.

What is your favorite film genre and why?

Again, this is something that is constantly changing for me. I may be a bit too inconsistent, don’t you think? I think thrillers/horrors and comedies are my favorite. Both are so similar, while also being so incredibly different. They both have so much to do with timing and playing with audience expectation, that it interests me on so many levels. I’m interested in exploring both genres over my career, but I know comedies are a hard sell without big name recognition, unfortunately.

As a creator, what do you find to be the thing that most drives you?

These days, I just want it to be worth it. I love making things, but it really only hits me if someone else is enjoying it. Creative work can be so difficult and time-consuming (whine, whine, whine..) But for me, it becomes worth it when it resonates with someone that’s not me. I know people say “art is personal” – “do it for you!” or whatever, but I’m not into that whole idea. It drives me when people like the work. When I make something that folks enjoy, it gives me a rush to keep going.

What is your absolute dream in life?

Guess what? That’s another one that keeps on shifting! The simple answer is that my dream is to continue creating entertainment. I like to say it very vaguely, because I try to be incredibly unattached to any specific medium. Movies may be dead in 20 years. Tik Toks will most likely be dead in 20 years. Online streaming might get beat out by some sort of all-encompassing brain entertainment that we can’t even comprehend yet. Whatever the case, I just want to make entertainment for folks on whatever medium they’re utilizing at whatever point in time.

What work do you take the most pride in at this point in your career?

My latest film, For The Good of The People would have to take the cake at this point. This project has been such a ridiculous span of time, work, blood, sweat, tears and all that fun stuff. It’s a culmination of so many people’s incredible work and so much of my own passion, that I’m finally at the point where I take pride in it. The road is far from over, but now that the festival run has begun (nice rhyme) I can focus on sharing it, rather than building it. Check out more For The Good of The People info at 

An Interview With Chris K. Daniels


What was the most valuable single lesson you learned in completing that project?

If something can go wrong, it will go wrong. Plan for the worst case scenario and prepare for it. If all goes well, then it’ll be easier than expectations.

Who is one person that you hope to work with and why?

Honestly, the Los Angeles comedy scene comedians. People like Andrew Santino, Bobby Lee, Rick Glassman. These are incredibly talented comedy figures that I believe have even more potential outside of comedy, I love funny people working in genres they’re less familiar with. In my opinion, it usually leads to unexpected, compelling performances with cool, genre-bending movies. I would love to work with these dudes on something wild, outside of their traditional wheelhouse.

Is there anyone in particular that you’d like to thank and/or shout-out in this interview?

Oh yeah! I certainly would.
I’d like to thank AND shout out my incredibly talented and amazing friends. I’m fortunate enough to have a social circle of creative, skilled and overall outstanding people. Check out all their work too!

Jenny Whipple –

Samuel Caswell –

B. Raad –

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An Interview With Chris K. Daniels

Thank you so much for being a part of The Film Festival Network Community, Chris K. Daniels! We can’t wait to see what you do next.

Thanks for having me! This was great!

Be sure to check out the official trailer for For The Good of The People – Directed by Chris K. Daniels!

For The Good of The People – Trailer