An Interview With Up-And-Coming Young Filmmaker Vincy Wang

Born and raised in China, Vincy Wang  travelled across the Pacific to pursue her lifelong passion in film. Vincy is an independent filmmaker, now currently based out of San Francisco, California. Her filmmaking practice involves non-fiction film, experimental film and video art. With the skills developed during her vast experiences, she strives to create cinematographic art that constructs meaningful connections between the abstract, reality, and perception.

Notability Filmography:

  • NIUNIU (2019)
  • When I Find You (2018)
  • Waiting (2017)
  • Conversation (2017)

Hello Vincy, Thank You For Joining Us Today!

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First, what is a quote that summarizes everything you’re about as a filmmaker?

One must first live to create something alive.

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What inspired you to start creating films?


Who most inspires/influences you currently and why?

Roy Andersson. No matter how film trend changes, he always sticks to his own style.

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What is your favorite film of all time?

Stalker – By: Andrei Tarkovsky

As a creator, what do you find to be the thing that most drives you?

I think it‘s the ability to feel the world.

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What is your absolute dream in life?

Find myself.

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Our review team had the pleasure of screening your recent short film “NIUNIU” and they were very impressed.

Could you tell our readers what your role was on the film?

Writer, director and editor.

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What is the film’s genre?

Experimental / Fantasy

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What is NIUNIU’s about?

Mina tries to fit in with people around her but she finds that it’s hard to connect. Then, she meets a snail named Niuniu, who unexpectedly becomes her best friend, and they develop a special friendship. Mina and Niuniu live in their own world.

What inspired the ideology & execution of this project?

I had a pet snail named Niuniu. My intent was not to tell the audience a certain story or philosophy, but to present different perspectives and let the audience to feel it by themselves.

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What was the most difficult part in the process of creating your film? How did you overcome it?

One of the most difficult parts was dealing with outdoor environmental factors. It was hard to get the shot that I envisioned because of the rain so we had to work with what we could shoot that day.

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What was the most fun part of this entire production?

The most fun part was seeing my vision come closer to life with each step and interaction with the team I was leading.

What is the single greatest lesson you learned along the creation of this particular project?

It’s hard to pinpoint just one lesson as I believe there is a lesson in every life experience, from stepping into a new place to making eye contact with a new person.

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As I mentioned, our review team got the chance to write-up a formal review of Niuniu

Click here to go read our official review on the film!

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For our readers, take a look at Niuniu’s official poster!

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And you have to check out the trailer!

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Once again, we’d like to thank Vincy Wang for sharing her time with us.

Vincy is a young filmmaker you’re going to want to keep an eye on. Below, we’ll link some of her online places where you can go follow her. Go give her a follow to keep up with what she’s working on!