How to Promote a Short Film

Making a film is awesome until you realize that you also need to promote your film. The online world has become more competitive with time. You can’t just go viral by putting your film on YouTube or other social media platforms. Thus, you also need a marketing strategy for your short film. In this article, we are going to give some ideas that will help you in promoting your short film.

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Create a Website For Your Short Film

You should have a home base if you want to promote your film effectively. Every big movie has its own website. Thus, you should start by setting a website for your short film. Make sure that it contains all the information about your short film.
You don’t need to hire professional developers for creating a flashy website. Even a simple website is enough for your short film. You should check your local universities and try to find students who can create a website for you. There are many students who will create a website for free.
Make sure that the design of your website represents your film. If you are working on a frog’s film, then you can add frogs or lily pads in your design. You should submit your site on other sites like and Digg as it will help you in attracting more people to your site.

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Social Networking

Social Network is probably the best platform for filmmakers. You should create a Twitter account and Facebook fan page. After that, you should focus on gaining new fans and followers. You can use Facebook Ads for promoting your page to a wider audience.
You can host contests for interacting with your new audience. Also, you should try to connect these contests with your film. If you are creating a film about animals, then you can ask your fans about their favorite animals. You can also giveaways prizes to your fans. This will ensure that more and more fans will interact with your Facebook page. You should try to connect your audience with your film material.

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Create a Jaw-Dropping Teaser

You should work on creating an amazing teaser for your film. This will help you in actually attracting more audience. If your film teaser is jaw-dropping, then more people will become interested in it. Thus, they will sign up for your movie updates. It is very important to have your own website as it will help you in connecting with your potential audience.
Create a perfect trailer for your film
Your film trailer is probably the most important for your film. If your film trailer is head-scratching, then you will easily attract a new audience. It will increase the curiosity of your fans and they will search for your film. You can also collect the email addresses of your audience. This will ensure that you can directly send updates of your movie to them.
Make sure that your trailer is shorter than your original short film. Your main aim is to catch the attention of your viewers. You should also add the link to your website in the trailer. This will ensure that people can go to your website.


Submit Your Short Film To Film Festivals

You can submit your short films at different film festivals. They will also charge a very minimal fee.
You should check the print columnists and movie bloggers who are coming to that film festival. After that, you should send them PR and a link to your film website. This will ensure that they know about your short film. You can ask them to write about your short film.


Submit Your Short Film To Online Film Sites

You should also submit your short film to all the available film festival sites. Some of these sites will post your short film in their archive. Thus, you will get access to their audience. This is an excellent way to show your film to a big audience. You can try these sites: Brown Fish, Atom Films, iFilm, and Underground Film.
You should try to submit your film to as many sites as you can. This will help you in attracting the attention of professional movie bloggers. Thus, it will ultimately increase the visibility of your short movie.

Conclusion | How to Promote a Short Film

You can use these methods for promoting your short film. These tips will also help you in meeting with other filmmakers. If you are going to a film festival, then you can meet with various other famous filmmakers. Thus, you can start new projects with time. You should focus on creating an amazing trailer for your movie as it will help you in going viral on social media platforms.