Beginner’s Luck – By Casey FeighShort Film Review

Beginner’s Luck is a light-hearted mockumentary following two bowling teams. On one side, you have the underdogs: a band of six average, quirky losers. Some of them have never even played the sport. The other side contains the reigning, undefeated champions known as Big Z Tires. The two commence in a passionate battle for the coveted top spot as the best bowling team in their quiet town. The film introduces each comical character one by one, but they are truly defined by the opinions from their own teammates and enemies.

Matthew Gray Gubler is the glue of the Big Z Tires and gives a hilariously deadpan performance as Franklin. For example, he compares his “hard work” to Jesus Christ’s lazy “magic”. In particular, the character comedy is the short film’s strong point. Director Casey Feigh has fleshed out twelve characters who are each introduced in a highly memorable and humorous way. which naturally raises the stakes. From the brainless jock who practices bowling with jars in the supermarket aisle to the right-wing conspiracy theorist touting pizzagate and lizard people, each bowler has their own identifiable quirks. With such clear writing, the audience is successfully intimate enough with each character that the majority of jokes land.

Plenty of visual gags work to compliment the candid dialogue. This includes Franklin sticking his grip fingers down his throat as preparation for his next moves, as well as discreet character reactions. The quick editing works effectively, teleporting us between the sacred lanes and the confessional spaces. As a result, what could have been a mundane subject matter is ignited through the smooth editing and Wrestlemania-esque promo intensity.

In Conclusion:

In the space of 15 minutes, effective writing and character comedy allows for an enjoyable entry into the mockumentary genre. Boasting deadpan subject matter and hilarious characters. This mockumentary ticks off the necessities of the format in a succinct, tickling fashion.