Alice – By Ray Holdridge – Short Film Review

Alice is a thriller, found footage short film following the events leading to the death and disappearance of a young couple.

Filmmaker and co-star Ray Holdridge takes a creative dive into the world of thrillers in his 2021 film Alice. This film takes the viewer on a nine minute journey into the life of young couple, Alice and Sean. To put it simply, this film nails it.

Holdridge seems to have seen what works well in found footage stories. Alice manages to efficiently build up these two characters as well as the horror situation within the film all within such a short span.

The believable, genuinely enjoyable interactions between the two characters make work so effectively. These two performers had the chemistry and acting chops to bring the audience in on the situation and believe every second of it. This is something many films miss in this genre, and Alice manages to get it right.

The controlled build to the horror of the story is expertly done by Ray Holdridge. He manages to get this “mystery” established in a way that keeps us glued to the screen as viewers. 

The contrast from the light moments of the film to the dark, scarier moments of the film is perfect. It allows the impact to be harsher, especially because the film starts so lighthearted and wholesome. This helps to really hit on the impact, once the story gets to it.

The use of the camera is another important aspect to note within Alice. Another common problem amongst other found footage films is too much camera intensity, too unnatural, etc. But Alice manages to utilize the camera in a balanced way. It feels natural, very “real life” – but without having to over exaggerate the “amateur” of it. The camera always moves naturally, and always shows us what we need to see without overdoing it, or undergoing it. Seeing this done wrong so many times makes it all the more exciting to see it done right in this case!

Overall, Alice is a great example of a found footage thriller done right. The film manages to quickly establish two likable, believable people in a situation, and quickly contrast the situation with thrills that escalate. Director Ray Holdridge does a great job of understanding his medium and using it well to create a wonderful, controlled narrative film.

We very much look forward to seeing where Ray Holdridge goes next!




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