Date Night Facades – By Yvonne ChapmanShort Film Review

Date Night Facades is a psychological thriller film directed by Yvonne Chapman. This is a truly interesting short film, showcasing a rollercoaster of all kinds of emotions relating to suspense, terror, and fear.

As the film progresses the horrifying moments continue to increase gradually and at a certain point: one might just want to drop their eyeballs into their hands out of terror. In a good way!

The story revolves around Doris and Jon, two people that have reunited and are having a humble, cozy date night. All of a sudden, in a surprising fashion: Jon decides to purpose to Dorris.. Though Dorris has another agenda looming in her head. As the movie proceeds, the reality of Dorris comes to light and it is every bit as terrifying as you could hope for!

The film has many different themes, but the most important ones around which the whole story revolves is that of anger, rage, revenge, and desperation. These themes have been described through the aid of acting, cinematography,, sounds, and even lighting. All these elements have been beautifully added to describe the core idea of a film, and further enhance the experience. The mise en scene has been set up in a completely compelling way to describe the themes of this short film.

In the films whose genre revolves around psychological thrillers, the camera angles are crucial. This particular film sets up in a way that close-up shots could be captured uniquely. One of the most amazing parts of this movie is its impressive, intentional shots. The DP, through creative skill, has used lower short-range camera angles to describe the intensity of a scene or emotions related to it.

The shots consistently focus an interesting manner to describe the horrors and fears related to the story. One of the amazing camera shots in the movie is the close-up of Dorris when she is expressing her vengeance on Jon. The shot reveals the facial expression of Dorris, which was a poker face, not directly revealing her inner emotion yet narratively showcasing her emotions at the same time.

The lighting has also been used to create suspense and drama in the movie. The simplistic kind of lighting that has been used in the movie is shadowy, and playfully dark to display details of the upcoming danger, fear, and other suspense.

In the films like the ones in which the main idea revolves around horror and suspense, sound can play a huge part. This film certainly uses a creative set of sound elements to further drive the tone in a beautiful way.

There are a lot of messages that could be drawn out from the movie Date Night Facades. I would say most importantly, is the idea of how important words are at any point in time. Because you never know who holds on to what you might say, no matter when you say it and where you go from there. No one knows what kind of facade they might have to come in contact with in the future, for it could be truly terrifying.

All-in-all, Date Night Facades was a lovely film, exercised brilliantly. The movie is full of suspense and thrills. Yvonne Chapman has used strategy, intentionality and style to describe the story and the wonderful themes that are associated with it.

We very much look forward to seeing where Yvonne Chapman goes next!




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