The Lake Parasite – By Joe Reilly – Short Film Review

If you’re looking for something that will hook you in and proceed to make you laugh in all the best ways this summer: This could be the short film to watch! 

In the brilliant film: The Lake Parasite, we see a Blue Monster erupt from the lake and begin to attack unsuspecting victims – all the while being narrated by the hilarious Sandman. 

The film quickly moves from one setting to the next, with some fantastic cinematography following the Blue Monster as he hunts down the clueless but completely convincing and extremely fun-to-watch characters. Their dialogue is well written, and they all fit the stereotypical characters they’re written to be! From clueless housewife to sleazy car salesman.  Finding themselves in typical horror movie settings such as: in a car in the middle of nowhere and doing the things we know you should never do when starring in a horror movie.. We just know that pesky Blue Monster is going to be somewhere nearby. And of course, we’re right!

As the kills progress, they become more and more creative – from beheading on the beach with a frisbee to ripping off a sexual predator’s penis. The over-the-top effects help add to the hilarious humor of this film. We see blood spraying and the expressions of complete shock on the character’s faces as they witness the dreaded creature. 

The story is told both through the narrator and the montage of news reports about the deadly Blue Monster who is lurking around. Captions throughout add even more uniqueness to the already lovely sense of humor and create a comic book feel, along with bright colors and impressive camera work. 

the lake parasite

This all works well, making the film easy to follow and quickly setting the tone for the scenes to come. It flows nicely, with the gradual build up to the big finish with a perfect surprise aspect to bring it all in. 

The film is filled with beautiful, dramatic background music which keeps it lively – in those moments when we spot the Blue Monster ready to sneak up on his victims, the music fits the scene just perfectly and we have some freeze frames to add to the effect too. 

the lake parasite

The Blue Monster himself is an element of comedy. While he has no dialogue, his performance is fantastic in this role, and he proves that it is possible to portray a character brilliantly without words. His very movements along with some grunting as he clumsily sneaks up on his next conquest prove to be very amusing. 

the lake parasite

Overall, the film is quite wonderful, with clean cut shots, purposely irritating characters, and everything a film needs to make an audience laugh. Fast moving, it keeps your attention throughout, having you eager to see just what comes next. 

the lake parasite

We very much look forward to seeing where Joe Reilly goes next!




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