Intrusion – Directed By Nicholas CorrodoShort Film Review

Intrusion is a story that follows true to the title: in all the right ways.. In this movie, this word has been explained carefully and effectively. The core idea revolves around the questions of: what should a person do if you have been manipulated in all the wrong ways. This film masterfully showcases the fear and anxiety with the stylized sense of insecurity. It shows the reality of how a sense of insecurity could lead one towards darkness.

Intrustion short film review

Intrusion is based upon two main characters that are trying to escape from the anxiety and fear of death. It’s a character piece above all else, focused on the tense, moving dynamic between two friends. As the film progresses, chaotic situations increase and, all of a sudden, these situations become catastrophic. In the best ways possible! The filmmakers have left the result to its audiences that what should be the result of manipulation and exploitation of good deeds.

This movie is written, produced, and directed by Nicholas Carrodo. Carrodo has done a lovely job in explaining the core ideas behind the anger, fear, anxiety, and sense of insecurity plaguing these characters. The choices felt intentional and the directing style felt tight, with a masterful sense of control.

The film does a unique and incredibly effective job of defining the whole storyline through the aid of one small room.

Intrustion short film review

All the sound, lighting, and most importantly, acting has been performed in that one small room to describe and represent the themes and the overarching  storyline associated with it.

One interesting thing to note is the brilliant use of lighting. Lighting has been very effectively used to describe the intensity and severity of the situation. As the story started to intensify the overall lighting also transitioned from being bright to a bit dark and shadowy for emphasis. It added to the experience in the perfect way.

Nicholas Corrado also had the hat of editor on this film. And with that, he has done an outstanding job in editing this short film. He’s made sure that his audience will understand every portion of this movie with stylized beauty. He has also made sure that these overarching messages of humiliation, exploitation, fear, and anxiety will be perfectly delivered while watching this film.

Intrusion develops itself wonderfully and wraps itself up effectively. Both the characters have made clear the core idea of the movie, and made it the immersive experience it succeeded in being. Nicholas Corrado brought forth an excellent film and we’re thrilled we got the chance to experience it. 

Intrustion short film review

We very much look forward to seeing where Nicholas Carrodo goes next!



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