The Filmmaker Interviews

Our filmmaker interviews series: Director interviews, screenwriter interviews, producer interviews, actor interviews, etc. is an opportunity we’ve created to help our filmmaking community grow their professional presence online. Our writing team is trained to optimize for SEO, which basically means these interviews are designed to rank on Google and increase our filmmakers’ Google search-ability, which is crucial as a director, writer, producer or actor.

Beyond that, our interviews are a massively valuable asset to include in film festival submissions. This is one of those elements that increases your odds of being accepted to film festivals. This is because it is great for press as well as great for festival curators, judges and acquisitions teams. And this is because it’s efficient in showcasing who you are as a filmmaker.

The Value

Above all else, we prioritize creating immense value for our filmmakers. To grow professionally. Our interviews AND our reviews are all about helping filmmakers take their careers to the next level. We immediately attach our filmmaker interviews through to IMDB. Which links it up to the industry standard network for film news and trades. So beyond the film festival perks, these packages showcase your professional relevancy on IMDB as well. So consider getting yourself a professional director interview, screenwriter interview, producer interview or an actor interview!