Escape To The Cove – By Robert Enriquez Feature Film Review

Escape To The Cove is a visionary film, skillfully utilizing horror, drama, crime, and revenge. It describes human behavior when different kinds of disturbing things happen in your life. The disturbing events throughout, and the filmmaking technique has been beautifully played-with within the film to showcase human behavior.

Escape To The Cove’s genre is horror, drama, and crime-based. One of the most interesting things about this movie is its use of suspense. At every part, a touch of suspense has been added and masterfully utilized to enhance the overall experience. These suspense sequences have accented and emphasized the meaningful drama .

The director of the film Robert Enriquez has done an outstanding job in this movie through his direction. He has successfully been able to intermingle two compelling concepts. One that belongs to the fictional world and the other one to the non-fictional world i.e. zombies and human beings.

The main story revolves around the idea of human beings threatened by zombies. There are, of course, other fundamental threats as well that are being imposed on human beings, which is where the real passion of this story comes out. This includes the fear of abandonment, fear of diseases, and loss of loved ones.

The movie starts with Yazid played by Garrett Barghash and his friend Olivia played by Dana Kippel trying to escape from the zombies. As the movie proceeds, they witness Solomon. Solomon is a group of people that have been infected by some strange kind of virus. During this whole scene, the hecticness and suspense rise as darkness ensues.. Meanwhile, Captain Benjamin played by Robert Enriquez himself comes to Yazid’s rescue, and then both the men continue their journey together. During this journey, the story is really built. Yazid, along with us as the audience, gets to know that Ben is in denial mode: as he doesn’t want to go to the Cove (the place of the healthy people) because of abandoning Ben’s daughter. As the story progresses, truth is revealed that makes the depth of this human fear and emotion incredibly compelling. Overtime, Yazid’s behavior moves in the direction of fearful, to courageous. A difficult, yet meaningful character change that is executed very well.

The cinematography in this film is done remarkably, as it utilized many things to define its style and narrative use. The shots themselves, the camera motion, composition, framing, focus, and use of light. All these elements make this film an interesting movie to watch.

Director Robert Enriquez has wonderfully placed his vision on screen.. To start with – the camera shots and angles have been carefully placed to describe the story and the emotions associated with it. The use of story-based thrill and suspense plays such a strong part. To illustrate the point, there’s a beautiful scene right at the start of the movie, where Yazid and Olivia are trying to escape from the sick, and the camera angles in these scenes, along with sound and lighting on top of the masterful directing helped the audience to feel the terror and fear.

Focus on the face has been well-used to reveal the facial expressions and further define these characters without exposition.

The exploration of themes within this story is another element of the film done very strongly. The film has quite a unique storyline. It completely avoids the obvious story where a hero and heroine fall into cliche. The ideas used in the movie are quite bizarre and complex yet, at the same time these are interesting to watch as something different has been shown remarkably.

We very much look forward to seeing where Robert Enriquez goes next!




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