Cinema Dreams LUT Pack



  • 64 Creative LUTs - Cinematic Dreams consists of varying, cinema-style LUTs of different looks, tones and overall styles
  • Build to work flawlessly with all modern cameras, from beginner to professional
  • Skin tone protection is implemented on our LUTs to keep the natural look alive within the color adjustment
  • Easy-to-use with Premiere, Resolve, FCP X, Avid and more
  • Simple Quick Start guide included



The Cinema Dreams LUT Pack was designed to help you achieve beautiful, cinematic color grading looks while maintaining intuitive and consistent results.

Most LUT packs on the market are heavy-handed and created just for the “wow” factor. These often feel cheap and recognizable. Our looks are distinct, clean and cinematically versatile. We focus on smooth ranges of color with a cinematic style to the looks. Nothing is ever tacky and nothing is ever cheap. We work hard to make our LUTs gorgeous.

These LUTs have been pushed to the max

Our LUTs have been tested and utilized by an immense collection of cameras. From Canon DSLRs to Arri Alexa Minis. Most commonly, we use these LUTs on Blackmagic footage, RED footage and Sony A7-series footage. All three are different in origins, but share the consistent beauty once the Cinema Dreams LUTs are applied.


  • The Film Fest Network - Cinematic Dreams LUT Pack (1-64).cube
  • The Film Fest Network - Cinematic Dreams Installation Guide.PDF
  • The Film Fest Network - Certificate of Ownership


To quote the user beauchampy on Reddit:
Think of it like a color transfer table and contrast curve.
If you shot a color chart on DSLR (lets say a 5D in cinestyle) and then you shot the same color chart under the same lighting on an Arri film camera on say Kodak Vision 2.
You could then create a LUT that shifts the blue recorded by the 5d to the blue recorded on film (they will be different in tone, brightness and color to an extent).
Then multiply that for thousands of colors and you have what is essentially a film emulation LUT which goes from Canon 5D Cinestyle to Kodak Vision2, emulating what the colors would be like if they were shot on film.
So basically, it is like a conversion and you will find most LUTs are labelled with a source e.g Black Magic Production Camera 4k and then what they are converting to e.g. one of the Fuji films.
Contrast and curves is another thing, I won’t get into that now. There are also different types of LUTs which emulate not only the film stocks used to record, but the film stocks used for transfer (i.e. the roll of film that was delivered to the cinema which has it’s own properties!).